official website


Hi, glad you could drop by. This is my website thing.


I'm Colin Bass and I'm doing my (occasional) best to improve things here.


First, some answers to some infrequently asked questions:


Who do I think I am? Read all about me here.


What's new? Here's the latest News.


Can you buy my CDs? Please do and preferably from my Shop.


Can you download my music? Yes, go to my Bandcamp page here.


What other recorded music have I been involved with? Check the Discography.


And I'm doing my best to keep up some kind of blog. Do have a look and see if I've managed to add anything recently.


And you can e-mail me here.


Erm, that's it, I think...

So, please enjoy your visit and take all your litter home with you.


Thanks, Diolch, Merci, Danke, Terima Kasih, Gracias, Kitos, etc etc

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