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                                               New album coming soon...


                   Colin Bass (voice, bass, piano) and Daniel Biro (keyboards)


28th March 2020


The new CD is at this moment being manufactured and we will be shipping them out to our fabulous crowdfunding participants and those who pre-order at the SHOP here sometime in mid-April. Official release date will be sometime in the summer and it won't be available anywhere else until then. Here's the video teaser:






















More information here soon! Meanwhile, here's the track listing and credits:


 1. Still Life (Bass/Biro)

 2. Summer (Biro)

 3. Still Life 2 (Bass)

 4. Old Europe (Biro)

 5. Once Was a Time (Bass)

 6. Faces (Biro)

 7. The Man Who Never Was (Bass)

 8. Heaven (Biro)

 9. Still Life 3 (Bass)

10. Hands (Biro)

11. Still (Bass)


Colin Bass: vocals, bass, piano / Daniel Biro: keyboards


Special Guest: Joonas Widenius, guitar on 'Old Europe' and 'Hands'



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