Colin Bass -  New Album  - 'AT WILD END'


"a musical weaver of rich tapestry consolidating a lifetime of experience, styles and passion to make something of substance to listen to and savour... great thought provoking tunes...a sheer pleasure" 


- Steve Petch,



Featured musicians:

Colin Bass: bass guitar, guitars, vocals, keyboards; Kim Burton: piano, accordion, kaval, cifteli; Andrew Latimer: guitars, organ, keyboards; Dave Stewart: drums; Sian James: Welsh Harp; Ben Mandelson: guitars, jews harp, Hungarian whistle stick; Alan Prosser: guitars; Jenn Williams; fiddle; Lisa Jen Brown: vocals; John Lawrence: vocals; Nigel Watson: lustiger pilgrim vocals, percussion


12 tracks:

Return to Earth/ We Are One/ Walking to Santiago/ Waiting for Someone/ In Another Time/ Szegereli Eternal/ Darkness on Leather Lake/ Bubuka Bridge/ If I Could Stay/ Girl From the Northwest Country/ Up At Sheep's Bleat/ At Wild End


57 minutes running time


                           Written and Produced by Colin Bass

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      CD in cardboard vinyl-style gatefold sleeve with 24-page booklet

    Signed by Colin Bass plus a postcard with a personalised message



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