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                                               New album available now!


                   Colin Bass (voice, bass, piano) and Daniel Biro (keyboards)


Still - a collaborative project between Colin Bass (Camel) and Ambient composer Daniel Biro - is a collection of meditative songs that range from intimate personal stories to global human topics. Now available from major digital platforms. But as they pay the artists so little please purchase downloads or CDs at Bandcamp or CDs only here at the SHOP.
























More information here soon! Meanwhile, here's the track listing and credits:


 1. Still Life (Bass/Biro)

 2. Summer (Biro)

 3. Still Life 2 (Bass)

 4. Old Europe (Biro)

 5. Once Was a Time (Bass)

 6. Faces (Biro)

 7. The Man Who Never Was (Bass)

 8. Heaven (Biro)

 9. Still Life 3 (Bass)

10. Hands (Biro)

11. Still (Bass)


Colin Bass: vocals, bass, piano / Daniel Biro: keyboards


Special Guest: Joonas Widenius, guitar on 'Old Europe' and 'Hands'



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