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Praise, blame, comments, poems, questions, answers and amusing asides are all welcome. All reasonable measures will be taken to assure that a reply will be strenuously considered, formulated, composed, written out in triplicate, checked by a panel of non-partisan gnomes and, providing that all parties are in the first instance in agreement with the articles of correspondence pursuant to the relevant laws in effect at the time of the second instance, in the case of which not occuring on a bank holiday within the jurisdiction of the powers invested in me as an incumbent beneficiary of the bona fide right of reply in the third instance, it may be assumed but not guaranteed without right of notification that a reply will be forthcoming in due course, notwithstanding but taking into due account any manifestations of undue duress or wear and tear due to writer's block, inarticulacy or laziness on the part of the owner.

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